Interdisciplinarity in Cyber Security

Cyber security involves—and needs—a rich variety of interdisciplinary perspectives: computing, systems theory, economics, design, communication, psychology, organisation theory, and more. The value of interdisciplinarity has become increasingly recognised in academia. However, processes of professionalisationimportant forces driving the standardisation of qualifications, statuses, and rolestend to reinforce the most mainstream forms of expertise and make it harder to recognise the value of bringing together diverse ways of thinking in professional practice. This RISCS Fellowship will focus on building our understanding of interdisciplinarity in cyber security, with particular attention to concepts and methods from the humanities and social sciences (such as communication, culture, narrative, social organisation, and behaviour). The principal activity will be the development of a survey that will help us to learn more about how different kinds of (inter)disciplinary expertise are perceived and valued within the profession. 

RISCS Senior Fellow: Matt Spencer