Digital Responsibility

This overarching theme is fundamental to the success of cyber security: unless we consider digital security as a reciprocal arrangement where the needs of all parties are supported, security responsibilities can become one-sided, leading to an erosion of trust in technology and diminishing the benefits and take-up of technological approaches.

Our focus on Digital Responsibility will help us to build a more positive and healthy relationship with digital technology and advise on ways to use it that minimise harm and help to increase the benefits for all. As we digitise and connect more of our products and services, we need to be as digitally inclusive and equitable as possible – with the goal that no member or section of society is left behind. As we work to ensure that everyone becomes more cyber secure, we will be asking: Under what conditions can security technologies effectively support the discharge and ascription of digital responsibilities? How can we ensure reciprocity and inclusivity, and raise the bar for responsible cyber security across the UK?

RISCS Principal Fellow: Lizzie Coles-Kemp